P e b b l e s

pebbykinsPebbles is a demigod who works online and offline for a living. She is every bit of an internet nut – not the kind that spends the hours ogling at some overrated social media site. She’s the kind that spends most of her time running an online company, which is just one of her many impressive accomplishments. This digital virtuoso balances this with several part-time pursuits – finishing a course in Interior Design, running the family business, and performing occasional concerts in the shower.

Project manager and owner of a dot-com enterprise,  coffee junkie, microblogger and photography n00b, Pebbles spends most of her time on Google, Copyscape, Gmail, Twitter and WordPress. This self-proclaimed chef with a geeky heart aims to acquire a super computer and name it Jarvis or better yet marry Tony Stark and co-own Jarvis >:P

She lusts over chocolates, smartphones, cool gadgets, make-up, interior design and fast cars.

She has two furry dogs named Libby & Chicco. Once upon a time she had a dog named Lucho+.

Official website: PebblesCartujano
Business websites: The Write Brew; Haven for Writers

Blog: Happy Little Stones
Stalk her on twitter: @pebbykins

Tumblr: Randomosity of Dreams
Instagram: Pebbykins